Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The grandkids and pumpkins

We had Kassy and Calvin over this weekend while their parents celebrated their anniversary. One of the things we did is carve pumpkins from my husband's garden. They had fun and while grandpa carved Calvin's after he had drawn a face on, Kassy carved her own using a round dinner knife.
Calvin's is the smaller rounded one and Kassy's is the oval one.

test doll and costume

I made a Bollywood costume for Halloween for my granddaughter. She wanted to dress like the Cheeta Girls in their movie. Here is a picture of her. Neither of us knows how to wrap the sari part.

I have been testing a doll for Colleen Babcock. She is a clock doll and made to look of the Jane Austen period. I love this doll and Colleen's pattern is so wonderful to work with. There is a kit that has the felt for base and the clockworks. Here are some pics of her.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

candle mat class

Here is the pumpkin candle mat I made Saturday in a free discovery day class given by my quilt guild. It is wool felt and floss for stitching. i had fun in the class!

My Sorceress

Here is my doll that was part of a challenge. The voting is over so I can show her now.

I used black velvet for the dress and a netting in the front. She has a raven on her hand and her crystal wand in the other hand. She has a leasther horned hat and a fluffy black fur yarn knitted wig.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gift for Secret sister

Here is a bag I made for my secret sister at guild. I forget the charm pack name but I think the fabrics were from Free Spirit. I love charm square packs and using them!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

swaps and sewing

I got the cutestest little pincushion for this month's pindollalley swap. It is from Heera! The green haired alien is from Joanne. Isn't she special!!

I made a table runner from the Pumpkin's Gone Wild panel by Moda. The panel wasn't totally on grain so it is a bit wavy. I just needed some more Autumn decor.

More Birthday

My Wed mini group had a celebration of my birthday last Wed. These are the gifts they gave me. So generous. look at the flesh colored fabrics and the bag and the fur yarn and kitty socks and a kitty pin. Also got some money which I used to buy fabric online! A fun time at Sizzler's resturant where my dinner was also bought for me!