Friday, June 26, 2009

Hubby's birthday quilt

Well I finally made my husband his quilt with all the Koi fabrics I have been collecting. I think I had planned to do it for two years now. LOL I got it done for his birthday which was the 23rd of June. The first picture is the front of the quilt. It is the 'H' pattern. the second pic is the back. It has two pieces I didn't want to cut they were so beautiful a whole pieces. I made the quilt in three sections as a large quilt won't fit in the throat of my machine to quilt. I then quilted those three sections and left the backing larger to sew down over the seam and it also makes for a continuation of the fabrics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I made in clay class

This is What I learned about and made today in the sculpey clay class. I covered a tin box with extracted clay making cane. It is so cool to make and really easy compared to how it looks.
I also made some scrap clay buttons. I probably won't get into it too much as there seems to be a bit of stuff to buy like pasta machines and toaster ovens and all sorts of tools. I just borrowed everyone else's today.
This is a close up of the top of the tin.
Here is the pin I recieved for last month's Pin Doll Alley candy theme swap. It is a white covered nougat candy in it's own little box.

Button paper doll

Here is a photo of the art paper doll I made for this month's swap on my Artisit Tradaing Doll list. The theme was buttons. I used a Laurel Burch cat face button for the face and lots of buttons everywhere on her!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pins and Dotees

This is the pin I made for my partner for the month of May on Pin Doll Alley. The theme was favorite candy. I always have loved licorice and had to give it up when I became diabetic. I think chocolate will always be my favorite as I still eat it but wanted to pay homage to licorice!
Here are the pins for June. I have two partners this month. The theme is bejeweled brooch. I put on lots of sparkly beads and baubles!
Hope the ladies are going to like them.
These are the two Dotees I recieved from the Doll Street Dreamers swap. Judi Wellnitz so graciously organized and recieved and swaped out all the Dotees she got. Thanks Judi!
The wonderful pinkish Dotee was made by Julie Gausvik. Can you see the face? The fabulous blue one was made by Betsy Orlando. Thank you so much ladies, I will treasure them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hoffman Challenge Doll

Here is Fawna!

I finally finished my Hoffman Challenge. I have been working on her for a couple of weeks. Part of the challenge this year was using Sulky thread if you chose. I used it throughout the piece. She has a Metallic Sulky thread vest and butterfly. It was used to scrunch sew the fabric for the skirt and sleeves which is the actual challenge fabric. It is used on the organza flowers and there are strands in her hair. Since it was metallic I did bobbin work so there was less breakage.

close up of face

her thread butterfly

her flower

this is the scruching of the fabric. I worked from the wrong side so all the metallic thread would be on the outside of the fabric. It is really fun looking!