Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here is this month's pin doll. We were to make a pin like on the Halloween Card. I have it packaged to mail off on Monday. I used white cloth covered wire for the wiskers. They turned out good.

This is the costume I made for my granddaughter. It is a devil. I babysat tonight so my daughter and her hubby could go out for their 12th wedding anniversary. My granddaughter tried on her costume and it looked so cute with the horns and pitchfork!

Test doll

Here is a pattern I tested for Colleen Babcock. She is called "Give Us a Kiss" It is such a cute pattern and so well written.
Get a load of her purker! She is hanging onto mistletoe. Lots of detail but still easy for a beginner.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Button Fairies and Working Fairy!

These are the button fairies I recieved back in the Doll Street swap. The blue and green cutie is from Nita Butler and the Purple little one is from Mary Wiseman. Aren't they great!

Here is the working fairie I made for the Glitter Town Dollie group challenge. She is Ferna the mushroom inspector. It is her job to determine which mushrooms in the forest are the best ones to use for cooking or medicines. The wings were a lot of fun to make out of Angelina film and glitter and wire and then burning holes with a candle makes them look cool!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

ATD's and ATC's

These pictures are of the ATD's (artist trading dolls) I made for an elemental swap. I recieved an envelop with bits and pieces to make Halloween ATD. I had enought to make one for my partner and one for the lady who organized the swap and sent out all the envelopes.

These are the ATC's (artist trading cards) that I made for a Halloween ATC swap on one of my Yahoo groups. I like to do paper arts every now and again!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Christmas doll and a pin

This is a doll I made for a Christmas doll swap. She is based on a Back Porch Pickins pattern but I made separate fingers. She is a Christmas fairy.
she has Poinsettia wings! I love the Santa head fabric for her skirt.

This is the pin I got from Sue for the school book bag pin swap. It is so cute. The lunch has a little apple in it! Love those wiggle eyes on the straps. It opens just under where the nostrils are located.


These are some redwork baby animals I did for this month's row quilt from guild. The patterns are free from Cath U.
They are cute aren't they! She also has teapots and teacups and sewing items for embroidery.