Thursday, October 8, 2009

Button Fairies and Working Fairy!

These are the button fairies I recieved back in the Doll Street swap. The blue and green cutie is from Nita Butler and the Purple little one is from Mary Wiseman. Aren't they great!

Here is the working fairie I made for the Glitter Town Dollie group challenge. She is Ferna the mushroom inspector. It is her job to determine which mushrooms in the forest are the best ones to use for cooking or medicines. The wings were a lot of fun to make out of Angelina film and glitter and wire and then burning holes with a candle makes them look cool!


creativedawn said...

The button dolls are delightfull and the winning mushroom doll is gorgeous!
Pam - very big grin

Yvette said...

Those button dolls are so cute! Very whimsical!

I love your fairy she is gorgeous - the wings are very cool!! :o)

Carla said...

Button fairies are really cute! Your doll is awesome. Is that film for the wings sturdy? I have something I want to make that will be handled a lot and I don't want fingers to poke through it.

wackywoman said...

Yes, they ARE great Karen. Excellent!

Diana said...

Oh I love those button Fairies, would love to try to teach Shay at Christmas time a junior version of these.
Your working fairy is terrific Karen as is all your creations.

Khris said...

Those button fairies are so cute....and as usual your work is amazing Karen...hugs Khris