Monday, May 17, 2010

Dress for Kassy's report

Here is a pioneer dress and bonnet I made for Kassy to give her report in. She is doing a report on Laura Ingall Wilder and the teacher wanted them to be in character. Luckily I had a bolt of calico in the closet left from my doll dressing business. I did have to buy a pattern in her size though. 40% off and it was still $10. Not to cheap to sew these days!

Chicks!! Cheep, cheep!

Well I got some more chickens as my grandson Calvin asked if he could bring some chicks up here from their 2nd grade project. Every 2nd grade get to raise chicks from eggs and when they are three weeks old who ever has permission from their parents can bring some home. Since we have acreage the grands always ask us if we can keep them. This time we got four chicks and hubby will be building a coop that they can stay in protected from the coyotes.
Pictures here are granddaughter Kassy and grandson Calvin.

Here is a picture of all four chicks.Kassy and Calvin came up yesterday to play with them. Calvin was taking pics too so I only got Kassy with the chicks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

all quilt squares together

I haven't been posting much as my Internet wasn't working well. We had the repairman come last week and he fixed it. I have satellite. He said my reception strength was like bad dial up! Any way I am back and able to upload photos. Here is a picture of all the folk art applique blocks up on my design wall. I am working on the math for all the inbetween sashings now.

Mother's Day

Aren't flowers wonderful! I got roses from my daughter's garden and a carnation plant today. One of my best presents ever.....My 10 year old granddaughter Kassy gave me a pedicure! It was so precious. She had brought her kit with her of all the stuff she would need. I had the footbath and we were all set. She scrubed and bathed and lotioned my feet and then she painted my toenails. She even put nail polish dot flowers on my big toe nails. It was so fun having her do this and it was all her idea too!!