Thursday, November 27, 2008

couple of things I made

This is a table runner I made using squares I got in a Christmas square swap. They were made by Aussie ladies!

This is this month's pin swap. Our theme was mini quilt. I made this kind of big and at 5" I think is a bit big to wear. It is paper pieced.

This is for a winter pin swap. Hope my partner likes it!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all in the United States!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Santa finished

This is a close up of Santa's head. The pattern didn't have a hat so I added one as I wanted to tie in more of the fabric the hat is made from.
This is the little Raggedy Ann doll that is part of the pattern. There is also a stocking to make which he is holding in his other hand.

My Santa all finished! The red things on his boots are the heels. I am thinking I should have made them green.
I went Christmas shopping on Monday and can't believe I forgot my doctor's appointment. Luckily it was just an update visit and I can reschedule. I hate getting old sometimes! LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is a Santa I am working on from a pattern by Patti Culea called 'Merry Santa'. Just have to add his vest and beard and stocking of toys.
This is my best friends pin I got from Shirley in UK! Isn't is darling and the parts are so tiny. I made her one called best friends too but from a Patti La Valley pattern.

This is a bag made by Marilyn. Khris brought it to me. Marilyn was the first place that Khris and Glen visited here in US.

My Christmas Village

I wanted to show Khris my village so I put it up already this year. Here are the pics of it.

my guests

My friend Khris (and her hubby) from one of my Yahoo groups visited me and my hubby last week. She and Glen are from Australia and are on a three month trip her in the US. I am posting pics of but I hate my pic so it will be small! We had a great time. They were here three nights. Khris is like me. She LOVES fabric and bought a bit at the shops I took her too. Khris also cooked dinner fior us one night! They are lovely people.