Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Pics

Here are a few pics from celebrations of Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Me and Hubby go to his parents, along with all the family that is here, for Christmas Eve and have a buffet style dinner. Everyone brings something for the feast! On Christmas day we go his parents house for the morning and open gifts from name exchange. We have a breakfast made by our kids! (adult kids!) Then we go back to our house and my kids and their family come and we open gifts to each other. Then we nap!! Then we go back to his parents for Christmas dinner. It is actually the same as Christmas Eve as everyone brings enough for both days. I had a great time all around and got a great chair to sew in and some other things!

This is myfamily.....Steve (hubby), Brian (son in law), Samantha (daughter), Stephanie (daughter), Chad (son in law)
Kassy (granddaughter), Calvin (grandson)
My daughter Samantha is expecting in May!!!

Chad and Calvin

Brian, Samantha and Kassy


My Mother in law.....Louise

My Father in law.....Ed
Some of my relatives!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Busy and trying to post

I finally decided to go thru my explorer instead of aol to access my blog. I haven't been able to get in! Yikes!!! I have been shopping and doing Christmas stuff! Here's a few piccies of swaps and my live tree.

Steven got a lovely tree this year!
These are the things I got from Patt Jenks in my Secret Santa swap on GlitterTownDolls. The ornament is so cute and love the hair and beads and frilly snowflake ornaments. Thanks Patt!
This is the wonderful Magi Quilt and little kitty magnet that I got from Pat Brammer on the CRAFT group Christmas swap. Isn't it a great quilt!
I am going to have to take another picture of the wonderful pins I got from Judy. I seem to have got rid of it before downloading to my computer. They are fab and I have already worn them to my Christmas parties we had at my quilt guilds. Fun time last week on Monday and Wednesday. Both were potlucks so lots of great food!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alice and Mad Hatter

I made these dolls awhile ago for a challenge. The challenge has ended so I can show them to you now. I love Alice in Wonderland and collect Alice items. I had lots of fun making these dolls which will stay in my collection. Alice was made using a Sherry Goshon pattern and the Mad Hatter was adapted from a Phat Phaeries pattern.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas decorating

I have been decorating and just finished the other day. Here are some piccies.

Been a while!

 I have been busy! Here is a jester I made for a swap. My friend Judy collects clowns and Jesters.
This is a angel that I made for a Christmas swap. The lady collects Angels. She is a funny one being a pattern by Jill Maas. I love Jill's patterns.
This is a mouse ornament I made for ornament exchange at my quilt guild. December is a fun month in both guilds as we have pot lucks. At my other guild I signed up to decorate a table and bring plates and such.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Quilts and a surprise in the mail

I finally finished quilting my Christmas quilt. Yeah! I got it done before Christmas. LOL
I never showed my buttonhole appliqued quilt top put together. Here it is. I just have to decide how to quilt it. I think I might stipple around the appliques.
Look what my friend Barbara sent to me in the mail. It is parts for a little porcelain baby. Was so sweet of her to think of me. I will make a body for her and then crochet a dress and bonnet.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winter Goddess swap

This is a doll I made for a swap on one of my Yahoo groups. It is a Winter Goddess swap. I used a snowlake batik for the body, white venice lace, silver net, and her hair is knitted silver fun fur. She has plastic snowflakes in her head piece. I used blue pens and pencils for features for winter.

Gifts from the FRIENDS swap

Great gifts I got from Leonie.
F-fabric (with cute koalas), festive (red and green banner)
R- repurposed ( a lovely bag from used linen w a crochet motif on the pocket)
I- ideas (magazine
E- embroidery hoop wall hanging (Lovely yoyo flowers)
N-needle keeper (made from the jean fabric)
D-dark chocolate (I ate it all! Yumm)
S-souveniers for grandchildren (Aussie rulers,pencil and eraser sets)
Love them all!!!

Pumpkins-Happy Halloween

These are pumpkins and some overgrown zuchinni that my hubby grew in his garden for our porch display. He hopes one day to grow the 'big' one! LOL

Tablemat for Thanksgiving

Here is a tablemat I made from some precut pieces that had fusible on them. I got them at a garage sale. I made this for my Mother in law as she always has Thanksgiving at her house. The leaf fabric is flannel and soft. I used some glitter paints too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

swap stuff I recieved

Here are two pins made from my friend Judy  in Australia. Aren't they great!!
This is the jester pin I made for Judy. This was our second swap. The lady pin  is from our first swap when I made the mermaid.
This is my finished round robin doll that I just got back. Isn't she wonderful!!! I just love her head piece and those sleeves! Cherie and Wanda worked on her. I tried to find the picture of the blank doll I sent but don't know where it went!
This is a picture of all the stuff I sent for my FRIENDS swap hosted by Khris. My partner was Leonie. I had lots of fun making and buying the things for her.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pictures of swaps I can share now!

This is a Christmas Elf, Ellie, I made for the FRIENDS swap. My partner has recieved her so now you can see too! My partner loves red and white polka dots so she is dresse in little outfit of that fabric. She is made from a Jill Maas pattern.
This is a needlecase I made for the same swap. I just love the picture. It is an image on fabric from Joggles.
This is a mermaid doll pin I made for a one on one swap. She is holding a little seahorse!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black cat fron Kat Lee's class

This is a fabric cat I made. It is part of a class on making a  Halloween coach, witch and cat by Kat Lees. It called for plastic spiders but I had a beaded one I had made on hand so used that one for on the tail!
He has a collar with Halloween charms.

Christmas quilt

I made this top and haven't quilted it yet. It is for Amanda's October Challenge. I made it from a Moda jelly roll called Candylane Christmas. It is a pretty easy pattern but looks really nice.
A close up of the fabric.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christmas pixie

I finsihed a doll for the guild sale. She is 7 inches. It is from a pattern by Margaret Leyland. I had fun with this tiny doll. She has BIG feet!