Monday, October 25, 2010

swap stuff I recieved

Here are two pins made from my friend Judy  in Australia. Aren't they great!!
This is the jester pin I made for Judy. This was our second swap. The lady pin  is from our first swap when I made the mermaid.
This is my finished round robin doll that I just got back. Isn't she wonderful!!! I just love her head piece and those sleeves! Cherie and Wanda worked on her. I tried to find the picture of the blank doll I sent but don't know where it went!
This is a picture of all the stuff I sent for my FRIENDS swap hosted by Khris. My partner was Leonie. I had lots of fun making and buying the things for her.


Melissa said...

Your pin dolls are so cute! And that Round Robin doll is great! I can just imagine the excitement of opening that package when it arrives! Very good swap package you generous swap partner, you.

wackywoman said...

How fun sending and receiving swaps. All are wonderful.

Judy said...

Hi Karen, what a great post! The package you sent would be like Christmas for your swap partner!!
I LOVE the Jester Pin you have made. I can't wait to get it!!!Clowns and Jesters are my Very Favourite things!!! So many costume ideas there.
The Round Robin doll is FAB.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh lucky you! They are beautiful.