Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Well Christmas is over for another year! Here is pic of my family and one of my hubby opening gift. I didn't get pics at MIL's house but hopefully someone will send me a few I can post. Starting on Christmas Eve we went to my MIL's house. There were 38 of us!!! Really crowded! LOL. We went there Christmas morning and then my family came back to my house for a personal gift opening. We went back to MIL for dinner. We also all got together on Sat too. Got to see all those rellies while they are in one place! I had a very good Christmas seeing everyone and got the mat for my cutting table and some nice books and clothes!

My Hubby with his new #1 soccer fan vest and t-shirt my daughter had printed up.

My two son in laws, granddaughter Kassy, daughter Samantha, grandson Calvin and daughter Stephanie.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching up- Doll I made for a friend

This is a doll I made for a member of one of my mini groups. It is the Pocket Angel pattern by Jill Maas. My friend is a bird lover so her body is birdie fabric and she has a bird on her shoulder.

Catching Up- Santa I recieved

This is the Santa doll that Kat Lees made for me. Isn't it fabulous! She even has Santa holding a picture of my grandkids! It was for a challenge I won over at CDA.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas stuff!

This is a doll pin I made for a swap. She is a Santa helper!
This is a quilt I made for my quilt guild secret sister. It is made from a flannel jelly roll from Moda called Kiddie Christmas. It turned out good!

Here is my real tree all decorated. Smells really good. I just don't like the watering part.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Hope you enjoy!

Some Christmas pictures of my house all decorated

I love my village scene

Monday, December 7, 2009

More mice

Here are some mice I made for an order. They are Victorinan mice ladies. I think they turned out good! There is also a close-up to show the bustle! I used some vintage trims and laces.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pin dolls

These two are pins that Heera made for me. The ghost pin was for Oct and the Jester pin is for Nov. Aren't they great!!

This is the jester pin that I made for Heera. Not great pics.

Making more ornaments!

Here are some more ornaments I made for swaps! I love making the mousie ornaments. Making doll heads and putting them with a tassel is great fun too!
These three are for one swap! They were all fun to make. I got back three ornaments today and I will try and get piccies of them tomorrow.

Monday, November 2, 2009


My hubby, daughters Samantha (in neon pink) and Stephanie (mom of grands), my granddaughter Kassy and grandson Calvin all dressed for Halloween.
Don't Kassy and Calvin look cute!! The dress I made Kassy fits nicely.

Grandpa being scared by the grandkids.
Samantha, their aunty took them to the local Trunk or Treat. It is a safe venue for kids to trick or treat in and had a bouncy house and games and trick or treating from cars. They had a great time.

Halloween doll

This is a doll I made for a challenge at Cloth Doll Artistry. The voting is over so I can show her to you now. She is from a Back Porch Pickins pattern. I gave her separate fingers instead of a mitt hand. She has skirt and top made with fabrics with pumpkins and crows. She holds a stuffed pumpin and her hat is a pumpkin top with a pumpkin attached. She has bat wings.

Ornaments I have been working on

These are some of the ornaments I have been working on for the past week for a tree that my quilt guild will be decorating and donating to a local family for Christmas. These are fun mice made from wool felt and dresses as Mr. and Mrs. Claus!
These are a star ornament with beads around the face and two owl ornaments. Click on owl for a tutorial to make the cute Jingle Owls.

These next two were made with the old pictures  that are on fabric. They are double sided and have a Victorian feel to them.

The next ones are beaded ornaments that were in a kit.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here is this month's pin doll. We were to make a pin like on the Halloween Card. I have it packaged to mail off on Monday. I used white cloth covered wire for the wiskers. They turned out good.

This is the costume I made for my granddaughter. It is a devil. I babysat tonight so my daughter and her hubby could go out for their 12th wedding anniversary. My granddaughter tried on her costume and it looked so cute with the horns and pitchfork!

Test doll

Here is a pattern I tested for Colleen Babcock. She is called "Give Us a Kiss" It is such a cute pattern and so well written.
Get a load of her purker! She is hanging onto mistletoe. Lots of detail but still easy for a beginner.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Button Fairies and Working Fairy!

These are the button fairies I recieved back in the Doll Street swap. The blue and green cutie is from Nita Butler and the Purple little one is from Mary Wiseman. Aren't they great!

Here is the working fairie I made for the Glitter Town Dollie group challenge. She is Ferna the mushroom inspector. It is her job to determine which mushrooms in the forest are the best ones to use for cooking or medicines. The wings were a lot of fun to make out of Angelina film and glitter and wire and then burning holes with a candle makes them look cool!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

ATD's and ATC's

These pictures are of the ATD's (artist trading dolls) I made for an elemental swap. I recieved an envelop with bits and pieces to make Halloween ATD. I had enought to make one for my partner and one for the lady who organized the swap and sent out all the envelopes.

These are the ATC's (artist trading cards) that I made for a Halloween ATC swap on one of my Yahoo groups. I like to do paper arts every now and again!