Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shirley Temple Quilt

Well here is the quilt! I like how it turned out. It is 36' x 36'. The stars around Shirley are because she was a star! She was America's sweetheart, thus the patriotic colors including the sparkle blue star fabric. I quilted a free motion heart design in the border because she was our sweetheart!
The quilting
The star with the movie symbols in the middle

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shirley and stuff

I started my Shirley Temple quilt. This is the center. I drew her face from a picture I found on the internet. I used my oil penicils.We were given three fabrics we have to use in the quilt. One is a novelty of small movie cameras, reels, popcorn and such. One is popcorn fabric and one looks like movie reel film. The center has the popcorn for her hair. I think it makes great curly hair! The film strip fabric is there too. I am going to write the names of her movies in each square. I am working on the stars that go on next. The center of those will be the last fabric. It is 15" square. I like it so far. 

The next picture is the pin I recieved for my last ever pin doll allley swap. My partner made Miga the same as me!! LOL

The last picture is Georgie. He is my win from Cody's blog. Fabulous Sculpture!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The pincushions and design wall

Well here are the pincushions I was making. They are wool felt. The first is in an old mini basket I had. When It is covered with pins it will look like a cactus. The middle one is over a jar top. Some embroidery and lovely trim. The last one is a patchwork of wool scraps attatched to an old glass jar lid.
Here is my design wall. It is just a piece of the stuff that the fabric sticks too, about 60" x 60". I put a fabric strip at the top for the clips to hang on too. My husband brought in two wreath holders and some pvc pipe and that makes it really easy to put up and take down as I have it over my closet.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A bag for a friend

I have made this bag for my friend's birthday. She wanted purple and turquoise. I think this batik works great. The handle is braided.  The dark purple on the front of the bag is a stone that has a whole for a necklace. I am using it as part of the closure.

I have been fiddling with making some pincushions too. Maybe I will get some pictures tomorrow.
I am also going to start my Shirley Temple quilt. I have it all laid out and ready to go . My husband help me make a design wall too that will be easy to put up and take down. He is clever!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I won!!

I won a blog give away!! Yipee!!!!! It is a little sculpted monster goblin by Cody. I am so lucky and thrilled to be getting art from such a creative individual!

new doll and pindoll

This is Miga, a pin I made of one of the mascots for the Vancouver Olympics. It is the last pin doll swap for my pin doll alley group as Connie is closing the group. Our last theme was  the winter olympics.

I have been working a new doll for a Valentine's challenge. I used a pattern by Jill Maas. I made her into a Valentine's fairy!

She was fun to make.