Saturday, February 6, 2010

A bag for a friend

I have made this bag for my friend's birthday. She wanted purple and turquoise. I think this batik works great. The handle is braided.  The dark purple on the front of the bag is a stone that has a whole for a necklace. I am using it as part of the closure.

I have been fiddling with making some pincushions too. Maybe I will get some pictures tomorrow.
I am also going to start my Shirley Temple quilt. I have it all laid out and ready to go . My husband help me make a design wall too that will be easy to put up and take down. He is clever!


Melissa said...

Lovely purse! But you can't tell us about all that other great stuff without giving us pics!!!!!

Lauren Colless said...

Nice! I think that is the most gorgeous fabric! Purple and turquoise is one of my fave combos too :)

creativedawn said...

I absolutely adore the color of this bag!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your friend is lucky!! What a gorgeous bag.

Diana said...

LOVE that fabric you have used in the bag Karen, lucky friend.