Friday, February 12, 2010

The pincushions and design wall

Well here are the pincushions I was making. They are wool felt. The first is in an old mini basket I had. When It is covered with pins it will look like a cactus. The middle one is over a jar top. Some embroidery and lovely trim. The last one is a patchwork of wool scraps attatched to an old glass jar lid.
Here is my design wall. It is just a piece of the stuff that the fabric sticks too, about 60" x 60". I put a fabric strip at the top for the clips to hang on too. My husband brought in two wreath holders and some pvc pipe and that makes it really easy to put up and take down as I have it over my closet.


Melissa said...

What a great design wall idea! I might have to "steal" that! I also love the pin cushions and we go through a ton of candles and I have put a dozen of those glass lids in the recycle bin! Just bought two more last night. I am going to grab them out of the bin now! Thanks for the tips!

Sharon-NZ said...

ahhh must have a design wall thats for sure, mines a plastic table cloth with the sticky stuff on the back LOL