Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shirley and stuff

I started my Shirley Temple quilt. This is the center. I drew her face from a picture I found on the internet. I used my oil penicils.We were given three fabrics we have to use in the quilt. One is a novelty of small movie cameras, reels, popcorn and such. One is popcorn fabric and one looks like movie reel film. The center has the popcorn for her hair. I think it makes great curly hair! The film strip fabric is there too. I am going to write the names of her movies in each square. I am working on the stars that go on next. The center of those will be the last fabric. It is 15" square. I like it so far. 

The next picture is the pin I recieved for my last ever pin doll allley swap. My partner made Miga the same as me!! LOL

The last picture is Georgie. He is my win from Cody's blog. Fabulous Sculpture!!


Melissa said...

The Shirley Temple quilt is going to be cute! What a neat theme idea!

Sharon-NZ said...

Great picture Karen its lovely, must get my drawing pencils out and practice again.......