Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shirley Temple Quilt

Well here is the quilt! I like how it turned out. It is 36' x 36'. The stars around Shirley are because she was a star! She was America's sweetheart, thus the patriotic colors including the sparkle blue star fabric. I quilted a free motion heart design in the border because she was our sweetheart!
The quilting
The star with the movie symbols in the middle


Thimbleprims Studio said...

You are so amazingly talented! What a gorgeous quilt.
Oh, and I'm having a new doll giveaway on my blog. : )
Lots of love,

creativedawn said...

I love your wonderful quilt!!! It brought back memories of hours of watching Shirley Temple movies when I was younger...You've done a wonderful job making this beautiful tribute to a great actress!

wackywoman said...

Very cute quilt Karen. I have never seen that fabric before.

Melissa said...

I love hearing the story/meaning of a quilt. Yours all works so well together!

Sharon-NZ said...

You did a great job Karen, its fantastic as usual

Anonymous said...

Help! Where do I find some of the film strip fabric?????
Am in the process of completing a quilt that is auctioned off at our school's annual benefit dinner auction. The artwork is 24 drawings by students based on their favorite films. We have designed it so that it is a "roll" of film zigzagging from top down on the quilt...but I really don't want to do a massive amount of black cotton bias tape making then perhaps satin stitch those darn white windows. Would love to know where and if I too could find that fabric that you used?? (This quilt has to be done by April 17, so I'm looking very hard at all my options and no ribbon on the market is sized as well as the image fabric you have.)