Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ribbons for quilt show

I am chairman of the ribbons committee for the quilt show next week for one of my quilt guilds. We are a rather poor guild so I chose to make the ribbons and donate them as opposed to turning in receipts. They took me a while. Our show is called 'Romance in Bloom', so I made ribbon flowers for the awards. Here is a picture of them. Four categories and three winners in each plus 3 honorable mentions for the quilt and wall hanging category as there are so many entries in that one.

I was also sick last week so lost time in making them. Had the flu but feeling better now. The only thing was I was sick when my daughter's baby shower was held so I didn't get to go. But we are doing baby shopping tomorrow for stuff she didn't get at the shower.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Finished my next challenge quilt

The theme for the challenge was wedding. We were giving a hankie and a pice of white on white fabric. We were told to use lace. This is what I made. It is titled 'Penguin and Turtle'. It is my youngest daughter's wedding. This is their first dance.The hankie I got was black. I used it and lace on the first border. The colors yellow and burgandy were her colors for the wedding. The ribbon below is left over ribbon from the wedding with the names and date on it. There is a turtle button at one eand representing Brian and a penguin button representing Samantha. We tried hard to find a cake topper with a turtle and penguin but ended up with a glass one of penguin bride and groom. The turtle and penguin are the bride and grooms favorite animals.
This is a close up view. I used bullion stitch to simulate the flowers in her hair
These are close ups of my not so great machine quilting. It is the first time I have done anything but meandering!