Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I forgot a doll!!

I made a doll for a Mother's Day swap and forgot to post it as I was waiting until my partner Vickie recieved her. My partner loves chicken things, or chooks as they say in Australia where I sent her off to. She has her own chook in her lap and wears a chook hat! I used a cute little pattern by Cath Walker who is in the same Yahoo group as me and Vickie.

I got some great stuff for my gift from Vickie for Humptydoo in Australia!

This is the kitty Vickie made me. Isn't he cute!!!
I got some other great stuff too. Fabric, coasters, buttons, some great lace motifs that would be great for doll wings.

Cloth doll for Secret Sister

Tonight was my guild's Secret Sister reveal. I made this doll for mine. It is a pattern by Allison Morano called Bookshelf Pixie. I can only make a doll for the reveal because everyone knows me as the doll lady and it would be a giveaway!
I had a nice time and we were served a nice pasta dinner by the lady in charge of the Secret Sisters. It is a lot of fun to do Secret Sisters!

Cloth doll for commission

I finished my doll that was commissioned by the other owner of the quilt store. Had to make her similar to the one I made for the other owner. (They both own the one quilt shop)

She also has a quilt bag and apron with fabric on the pockets but I was told to use colors pink, blue and purple. The pattern is the same.....Averill by Deanna Hogan.

Friday, May 9, 2008

More swaps!

This is a pin for a swap on my ning group Cloth Doll Artistry. It is a Footwear pin swap. It is ribbon flowers added to a painted cloth shoe.

This month's Pin Doll Alley swap is bouquets. Here is what I sent off to my partner. I love to make ribbon flowers and made too many for one pin, so she gets two!