Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I forgot a doll!!

I made a doll for a Mother's Day swap and forgot to post it as I was waiting until my partner Vickie recieved her. My partner loves chicken things, or chooks as they say in Australia where I sent her off to. She has her own chook in her lap and wears a chook hat! I used a cute little pattern by Cath Walker who is in the same Yahoo group as me and Vickie.

I got some great stuff for my gift from Vickie for Humptydoo in Australia!

This is the kitty Vickie made me. Isn't he cute!!!
I got some other great stuff too. Fabric, coasters, buttons, some great lace motifs that would be great for doll wings.


Dya said...

Hi Karen, had a look at your blog and love it, this chickenlady is so nice! But I also admired the other dolls, several made me smile ;-), and your quilts are great, esp. the sunflowerquilt, with the butterfly and little fairie. Lots of compliments,

Renee Ward said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for checking out my blog, its so nice when people take the time to look at the things you make. I love your dolls, they remind me of Patti Culea's, I have just made my first cloth doll from my own pattern, you would laugh if you saw her! I have ordered Patti's book "Creative cloth doll faces" I need to learn more about that part! I will post a pic of my dolly but please don't laugh!!!!!
Take care!

Renee said...

Hi Karen,

I posted a pic of my doll if you want a laugh!!!


Clothmatters said...

All the doll pictures are adorable!

Kat Lees said...

Karen the eyes say it all and you are very talented. Your faces are perfect...she has such a sweet expression. I love this doll. Lucky swap partner. Love Kat Lees