Saturday, December 31, 2011


Here are a few pictures of my family celebration. We had lots of fun. Christmas Eve spent and my hubby's parents with all his family there. Christmas Day we go to his parents and open a few gifts and we eat breakfast there. Then we go back to our house with just my daughters and their families and we open presents there. They go home and we take a short nap and then go back to hubby's parents for dinner.
1st- my hubby at his parents
 2nd- Mallorie

3rd- Kassy, Mallorie and Calvin at our house (grandkids)

 4th- Samantha and Stepanie (my daughters), Mallorie and Kassy
5th- Kassy and Brain (Samantha's hubby)

6th- Calvin, Chad (Stephanie's hubby), Stephanie, Kassy, Samantha, Mallorie at bottom and Brian just a bit in the picture

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My wonderful gifts from my swap partner

 I was in a Christmas swap in my Yahoo
C-R-A-F-T group. We had to make/buy presents for each letter in Christmas. This is what my partner Pam sent to me.
first pic- all wrapped

second pic-  C for candy dish with some yummy chocolate truffles,  H for Hana-no-en (celebration of flowers) a beautiful fabric necklace, R for ribbon, a wonderful zippered ribbon bag
third pic- I for inspiration from a fabric artist...Laura Gunn. A beautiful handmade purse 

fourth pic- S for Suzi-Mari handballs, a wonderful fabric ball that makes noise when you toss it! T for tea, a lovely quilted Kimono hanging and a Japanese tea set

fifth pic- M for mugs, wonderful quilted snowmen mug rugs

sixth pic- A for Asian inspired. This magnificent doll that Pam made. It has joints at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle! Such a lot of work went into this fabulous doll!!!!

seventh pic- S for snow, this cute snowman mug with matching spoon!

eighth pic- all opened, all my treasures
Pam was such a fabulous partner and really was thoughtful in all the gifts! Here is a link to see what I got for Pam  She was happy with her gifts too!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stuff I have been making

ribbon stocking made for Judy
 Here are a few things I can show that I have made for swaps and made recently.

The stocking is a ribbon stocking made like the ribbon fabric. The angel is from a clay head and venice lace. These went to Judy.

The spare parts doll is for a Doll Street Challenge (the morgue doll challenge). You use old doll parts you have made but not used. The parts were all made for five other dolls that I didn't like at the time. I put them together and then dressed the doll.

The tassel doll also uses a spare parts head and I added a tassel for hair and ribbon for a collar. She is for a gift.

The mouse ornament I made from felt and fabric for an ornament exchange at my quilt guild Christmas party.

angel ornament for Judy

Spare parts doll

tassel doll

Mouse Ornament