Saturday, December 17, 2011

My wonderful gifts from my swap partner

 I was in a Christmas swap in my Yahoo
C-R-A-F-T group. We had to make/buy presents for each letter in Christmas. This is what my partner Pam sent to me.
first pic- all wrapped

second pic-  C for candy dish with some yummy chocolate truffles,  H for Hana-no-en (celebration of flowers) a beautiful fabric necklace, R for ribbon, a wonderful zippered ribbon bag
third pic- I for inspiration from a fabric artist...Laura Gunn. A beautiful handmade purse 

fourth pic- S for Suzi-Mari handballs, a wonderful fabric ball that makes noise when you toss it! T for tea, a lovely quilted Kimono hanging and a Japanese tea set

fifth pic- M for mugs, wonderful quilted snowmen mug rugs

sixth pic- A for Asian inspired. This magnificent doll that Pam made. It has joints at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle! Such a lot of work went into this fabulous doll!!!!

seventh pic- S for snow, this cute snowman mug with matching spoon!

eighth pic- all opened, all my treasures
Pam was such a fabulous partner and really was thoughtful in all the gifts! Here is a link to see what I got for Pam  She was happy with her gifts too!


creativedawn said...

HOORAY! Thank you very much Karen...I LOVE all of my gifts and the lovely doll is a treasure!!! Thanks for being my partner... I am very happy you liked your gifts!

Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

Oh you two make perfect partners! I see she spoiled you as you did her!

wackywoman said...

Oh My Gosh. You two are over the top with spoiling each other! Gorgeous work on both parts. I hope Pam reads this. I can't leave a message on her blog anymore for some reason.

elliesue said...

Lucky you Karen, lovely stuff. I know you will enjoy it.

Khris said...

Fantastic goodies...well done to you both...hugs Khris

wewe said...

cute stuff ^.^

Magda Scrobota said...

i love this doll :)