Monday, November 2, 2009


My hubby, daughters Samantha (in neon pink) and Stephanie (mom of grands), my granddaughter Kassy and grandson Calvin all dressed for Halloween.
Don't Kassy and Calvin look cute!! The dress I made Kassy fits nicely.

Grandpa being scared by the grandkids.
Samantha, their aunty took them to the local Trunk or Treat. It is a safe venue for kids to trick or treat in and had a bouncy house and games and trick or treating from cars. They had a great time.


creativedawn said...

Looks like crazy fun there! love the costumes!

Lauren Colless said...

LOL Crazy fun is right!!!! They looked fantastic!!!

wackywoman said...

Ya gotta love those grandkids. So adorable. Lovely looking family.

Sharon-NZ said...

awesome pictures looks like heaps of fun

Diana said...

Oh those pics made me laugh, such fun.