Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alice and Mad Hatter

I made these dolls awhile ago for a challenge. The challenge has ended so I can show them to you now. I love Alice in Wonderland and collect Alice items. I had lots of fun making these dolls which will stay in my collection. Alice was made using a Sherry Goshon pattern and the Mad Hatter was adapted from a Phat Phaeries pattern.


creativedawn said...


AWESOME!!! Gurlllll, you ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, these two are slendid!LOve the Mad Hatter in particular. Hey it would be great to do a Mad Hatter swap at some time?
I love Nursery Story characters too!!I love the Play side of ourselves that comes to the fore when we make dolls!
I really love these. I can't wait to finish Christmas so I can get to something else.

Melissa said...

Love it, Love it!!!

wackywoman said...


Sell Timeshares said...

This dolls was so cute and beautiful.

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Mollye said...

Oh I am in love with Alice. She is so elegant and femme. Great job!