Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Pics

Here are a few pics from celebrations of Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  Me and Hubby go to his parents, along with all the family that is here, for Christmas Eve and have a buffet style dinner. Everyone brings something for the feast! On Christmas day we go his parents house for the morning and open gifts from name exchange. We have a breakfast made by our kids! (adult kids!) Then we go back to our house and my kids and their family come and we open gifts to each other. Then we nap!! Then we go back to his parents for Christmas dinner. It is actually the same as Christmas Eve as everyone brings enough for both days. I had a great time all around and got a great chair to sew in and some other things!

This is myfamily.....Steve (hubby), Brian (son in law), Samantha (daughter), Stephanie (daughter), Chad (son in law)
Kassy (granddaughter), Calvin (grandson)
My daughter Samantha is expecting in May!!!

Chad and Calvin

Brian, Samantha and Kassy


My Mother in law.....Louise

My Father in law.....Ed
Some of my relatives!


Lynn said...

What a beautiful family! This is going to be the year that I make my first doll! Wish me luck!

creativedawn said...

Hi Karen! Happy New Year

Wow, what fun you all are having! Congrats on the new grandbaby! I love all the pictures and thank you for sharing your lovely family and traditions!

really big squeeze...

wackywoman said...

Oh thanks for sharing Karen. Love seeing family pics. Looks like you all had a lovely time.