Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Santa finished

This is a close up of Santa's head. The pattern didn't have a hat so I added one as I wanted to tie in more of the fabric the hat is made from.
This is the little Raggedy Ann doll that is part of the pattern. There is also a stocking to make which he is holding in his other hand.

My Santa all finished! The red things on his boots are the heels. I am thinking I should have made them green.
I went Christmas shopping on Monday and can't believe I forgot my doctor's appointment. Luckily it was just an update visit and I can reschedule. I hate getting old sometimes! LOL


Colleen said...

What a beautiful Santa. His face is fabulous Karen.

Carla said...

Fantastic! Yes, his face is great. Kinda looks like he has a headache. I do love that fabric in his hat.

Anita said...

Fantastic Karen, I love his face!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Karen your Santa turned out beautifully. Love his face and his cap gives him character. Thank you so much for your tip regarding the lace. Shall wash it as per your instructions. Yes the big ones are crochet and the small ones I think bobbin lace.

Jude said...

Hi Karen,
I love your Christmas decorations and new dolls, they are gorgeous as usual.
I have tagged you with this with the Uber award. You just have to choose 5 of your favourite blogs, make a comment on them and then give them the graphic to display on their blogs.

Kat Lees said...

Karen absolutely LOVE, LOVE, this Santa and his little helpers. He is wonderful and jolly, and the face is perfection. Huggers, Kat Lees