Friday, October 19, 2007

Mary's Bags for scholarship

These are bags I made to be auctioned off at Mary Tressler's site..... They will be under the scolarship button once posted. The first is her handbag pattern to hold a key or small item. I beaded on it and added a 3-D butterfly. I love the fabric. It is a butterfly wing fabric.

The second bag is called the body bag! LOl I made it from an embossed velvet. I added sequin trim at the top and pearls down the front and a heavy beaded fringe on the bottom. These are to hold scissors or items of that size.

The scholarship is to send someone to the Creations in Fibers Doll event in New Mexico. Hopefully we will raise enough to pay for their classes and hotel and travel fees. Maybe even to send more than one person. Go to her website (Link above) and check out all the lovely auction items!

I am in the process of making yet another bag that is bigger still! LOve it!


Shashi Nayagam said...

They are awesome Karen.

Sharon-NZ said...

awesine bags karen and great fabric, well done girl

hugs sharon-nz