Saturday, June 7, 2008

Breast Cancer Auction quilt

This is the quilt that my quilting mini group made to donate to the Sutter Cancer Health center for their auction to raise money to fight breast cancer. We each picked out the fabrics we wanted to use from Margo's extensive breast cancer fabrics. I made the first row, Couthouse steps with the Lorilei cancer ladies, Beth made the second row, pieced hearts, Mona made the third row, pinwheels, Margo made the forth row, propellers and the butterflies and Jerri made the fifth row, the 3d flowers. Margo put the quilt together and bound it and Mona quilted it.


Anita said...

That is stunning Karen! I hope it raises lots of money for such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

6/28/08 Hi Karen, I just found your comment to my blog. In Aug of last year we were flooded out of our company apt and moved to a apt complex and I did not have access to my pc on line. We were there for 10 months. I was not ignoring you I promise, but we are now back in our new and improved company apt and it is really very nice. I just started adding to my blog this past week. Yo can e-mail me at my old addy and we will chat.
Now to have a look at your blog.
Margie in TX

Sharon-NZ said...

wow that is just gorgeous Karen - just awesome