Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a mess!

I decided to purge my sewing room of fabrics and stuff I don't use anymore. (I had a doll costuming business) I ended up filling up about 7 trash bags full of stuff to donate to my quilt guild auction this month. I also got rid of lots of magazines. Here is a picture of the mess!
I also  moved some of the containers on the window seat to the closet! Feels nice to be able to see all my stuff!


Melissa said...

With a job like that, it always gets worse before it gets better! I think it's a fun job, though. Like visiting with old friends when you find fabrics and bits you haven't seen in ages.

creativedawn said...

That room looks like mine! I agree with Melissa that it IS like visiting old friends you haven't seen in! Wow, shame I wasn't there to help...that is help myself to some of the goodies!


wackywoman said...

That is a big job to take on. I know, I need to get busy.

Lois said...

You must feel so much better now with getting rid of everything and others will benefit from it.

Sharon-NZ said...

OMG you are giving away stash OMG... bet it feels good eh