Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last two squares and one of the dresses

Here are the last two squares of the folk art quilt. I can't wait to sew it together. I am going to change the sashings a bit and the border as the pattern is a bit plain.

I have finshed two of the bridesmaids dresses and finally the other two came for fitting today. Here's a picture of the dress. Not very good pic but don't have a mannequin to show off a strappless dress. The leopard belt has tucks and the bodice ad skirt also has a few tucks. Very hard to see with the black. I hate working with black! LOL
Close up of the bodice.


Vickie said...

way too go Karen can't wait too see all them blocks dress sure looks different will be great to see a pic of the girls in them,cheers Vickie

wackywoman said...

Your folk-art quilt is really looking great Karen. Can't wait to see the dresses on the girls.

Melissa said...

Of course I love the squares and can't wait to see the completed project! And the dress looks pretty good for just laying on the table. A very different color combo. Would love to see pics of the wedding. Looks like it will be a fun one!

Sharon-NZ said...

Great dresses girl, cant wait to see the quilt all finished