Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final dress and a bag

Here is the final dress after having to tear it apart and put it together again for alterations. The girl picked it up today and it fit beautifully! So I am officially done with the bridesmaid's dresses. What a relief! Of course after all that seam ripping my hand and arm ache. A slight case of tight thumb and carpal tunnel. But now I can do other stuff!!
I hope to get a picture of all four girls in their dresses from the bride after the wedding which is next weekend.

There was a party for our secret sister revealing a couple weeks ago. This is the last gift I recieved my my secret sister! It is so colorful and I love it. The inside has pockets all the way around the bottom of the bag. I never even guessed who it was! The lady I gave gifts to gave me a kit to make a table runner.  It was a fun party!


Vickie said...

Oh gee I am sure I heard your sigh of relief from here-well done..and I sure hope you do get a pic of all the girls in their dresses, love your bag it's gorgeous,cheers Vickie

wackywoman said...

You go girl! Excellent.

Khris said...

You are so good girl...that dress is gorgeous...and I love the orange tote ...hugs Khris