Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been doodling a bit with the help of the Zentangle's books. They teach you how to doodle. Here are a couple of my projects. These are drawn in a 9" x 6" book.
Here are a couple links to check it out. The first one is the Zentangle blog and the second one is Judy's blog about her drawing and Zentangles.
It is fun to do and kind of relaxing. As you can see I haven't learned how to relaz totally and so mine get a bit messy!


Anonymous said...

I love these Karen!!The top ones look like little amoeba!So cute!!Nice flowing movement in the other photos. I can't wait to get the book I ordered, and see if it sparks more ideas.Are you going to develop these further?
Looking forward to seeing more!!
thanks for sharing!It's exciting!

Diana said...

Oh you are just so clever, love what you do Karen.