Sunday, August 7, 2011

A new doll

I have made three dolls lately but two of them are for challenges so I can't share until the challenges are complete. I can show you my third one. She is from the Pixie pattern by Allison Morano. I dyed the fabric for her outfit. She has on a wet felt hat (included in instructions for doll) I made her a little basket from a silk pod and felt.


creativedawn said...

Wow! your coloring!!! Cannot wait to see the other dolls!


wackywoman said...

You are so good! Excellent work.

Khris said...

You always do such wonderful work.
Hugs Khris

BEA said...

your dolls are lovely, Keep it up

PeggyR said...

Totally awesome!

mika said...

hi :) ,your blog and pictures are so beautiful
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