Friday, August 2, 2013

I think I have forgotten how to blog!

 This is a pendant I made for a swap. It is made from a heart base of watch, button, earrings and a decorative hairclip.
These are three ATC's I made to trade. They have the theme of sewing.

 This is a doll I made from fabrics in my quilt guild's opportunity quilt. It will be given to the person who sells the most tickets. The theme of the quilt and also our next event is French Country. Here is the link to the guild page with a picture of the opportunity quilt.
The following three pictures are Marie Antoinnette projects I made for the Art Doll Studio in CDA.  The first is Marie jumping out of a cake! With laces and gold and fans and roses and bling. It is on a 9" x 13"canvas.

 The second one is a small picture of marie with bling and shoes, and a crown and some butterflies.
The third one is a 3-d picture of Marie in her bedroom.

 This is a Cone Cat I made for a swap. It was from a free pattern from Cart Before the Horse.
 Here is an item I made for a personal swap. It is the Doodah bird from the Cindee Moyer pattern. I hope my parter like it!
This is the quilt so far I made from the swap house blocks I received in a swap with one of my Yahoo groups. I made the extra blocks that aren't houses. I plane for shashing the same around the edge and then maybe a wonky flying geese border.


Judy McCarthy said...

wow, you have been busy Karen.Love all..esp that cone cat!!Did you paint the cone bit and wings?
Wow, your house quilt looks fab!!

Sharon Mitchell said...

Love your cone cat and Doo Dah bird Karen.You have been busy for sure! Sometimes you can get caught up doing things and forget about the blog - I do anyway! You do lovely work - I'd love to come over for coffee and chat about it all! LOL!

Wacky Woman said...

All so very clever Karen. Love everything.

Txatxa said...

todo es precioso,tienes mucho arte,felicidades

PeggyR said...

LOL I know the feeling I don't post on my blog much! I love Mr. Birdie! He has a good home here. Thanks for swapping with me!

creativedawn said...

Oooooo! love it all! You forgot how to funny, you are! Thanks for sharing your wonderful art, Karen! Now, the paper art just is beyond!


Clothmatters said...

I love looking at all of our fabulous creations Karen!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wow wonderful eye candy. Karen your doll pin is lovely. and the bird doll fantastic.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Holy smokes girl, you are BUSY! Love your pendant and Marie Antoinette jumping out of the cake is hilarious! I can attest to the beauty of those sewing ATC's since I was the lucky recipient, thank you <3 Everything is wonderful and you work in so many mediums, I am in awe! Deb

2amscrapper said...

fabulous art projects! thanks for visiting during the Halloween Blog Hop Giveaway and for becoming a follower.

Patty Antle said...

Your work is just fabulous and a delight to see. I love your mixed media of marie antoinnette. Your haloween carnival puppet theater is so fun!