Friday, July 27, 2007

My blog!!!!

Well, I have joined the blogging generation. This is my first post and I haven't much time. I am a clothdoll artist and I also love to quilt. Here are a few pics of my work.
The second pic is my daughter Samantha in the wedding dress I made for her. She was maried June 30th and now I am an empty nester as both daughters are now married.
The first pic is a doll I made from a Lynn Butcher pattern called Leura. I will post more later.
hugs Karen


Khris said...

Karen you have done a wonderful job making the wedding dress and Sam looks just gorgeous in it.
Hugs, Khris

Raggedy Rambles said...

Way to go Karen! Your blog looks great, and your dolls are fabulous.
hugs, Kate

Clothmatters said...

Karen- I love the Leura mermaid doll. Beautiful colors. And I am so impressed with the spectacular wedding dress you made for your daughter Samantha (also my daughter's middle name). She looks stunning. What a great gift you made for her. :)

Kelly said...

Karen! Wow - the wedding dress and your daughter are beautiful. So much talent.

Jude said...

Welcome to the blog set Karen. You have inspired me to update my blog.