Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Round Robin and other stuff

I was working on a round robin doll today. Sometimes it is hard to think of what to do but this is nearing the end of our swap and she still didn't have a face so of course I gave her a face and I also gave her a wrap skirt for the beach. As you can see the head is a gourd. I am doing journaling in the book that is with the doll too. Hope to finish that tomorrow in between teaching my granddaughter to use the new sewing machine I got for her birthday. She is spending the night so we will have all day to get to know her machine.
I belong to a couple of mini groups and one of them met tonight. This group is friends who bead and quilt and make dolls. We always meet at my friends house and her hubby cooks us a great dinner.

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Sharon-NZ said...

awesome face Karen as usual... makes me want to break the pencils out...

hugs sharon