Tuesday, November 20, 2007

another pin doll

This is another pin for the Nov black and whlte swap (and accent color) at pindollalley that I made for Lori. She is a new member and this is her first swap with us.
I seemed to have signed up for lots of swaps again. I just love swaps.
I live in California and am in an advent calendar swap with a lady in New Zealand. 25 little presents to open each day and a biggie on Christmas. I had lots of fun with this swap last year so wanted to do it again. It is really exciting opening pressies from the other side of the world! I am also in a pin swap with a different lady from New Zealand. How lucky is that! Two swaps to get from New Zealand! It is a bit in postage for the bigger advent swap, but well worth it. Makes the world seem a lot smaller and makes you feel closer to everyone.


Yvonne Nathanson said...

Love your pin doll. The red makes a great contrast and adds drama to the piece.

You certainly are involved in many activities and swaps. I don't know how you do it all !

Thanks for sharing.

;-)) Yvonne

Kai said...

What a beautiful, open attitude you have! I LOVE THAT! And the pin doll is wonderful! I like black & white, but RED? I can't RESIST red! LOL! Hope you'll share the advent goodies on your blog! Great idea!

Katie said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Love that pin doll. :)

Sierras Creations said...

This is a glorious pin! Cute as a button and a joy to look at...
But, then again all of your work is glorious...lol

Lori V said...

Karen, I'm so glad to be the recipient of this wonderful pindoll. She has a branch of honor on my new Christmas Tree, done in white ,red and black. Very dramatic. She's in good company. Iwill post a pic of her new home.
Thanks!!!!!!!! Your doll is on her way , in the mail today.

Tommelot said...