Saturday, November 10, 2007

new swap stuff

In my CRAFT yahoo group I am in a block swap. I made this 12" block for MaryAnn in Maine. Her favorite colors are blues and yellows. This is the Storm at Sea block.

The pin I made for my Pindollalley swap. Black and white for Nov. This one is for Patti. I am making another black and white pin for one of the new memebers Lori.

I am also going to start putting up my Christmas village today. I will get a photo when it is all done!


Kai said...

I really am enjoying your blog, Karen! You make SUCH a wide variety of beautiful things & I feel as tho' I'm in a store where I can't decide which way to turn first! Love ALL of it! And your pin doll was what made me TRY to sew my Nov. swap doll. I had made one in clay, but ... yikes! Anyway, gorgeous things! I'll be checking in lots!

Anonymous said...

This block is excellent as your work always is. You never fail to amaze me. Hugs, Khris