Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year

Well I have been sick most of the week. Haven't done much but did want to wish all a Very Happy New Year.
The picture with all the items in it is what I recieved in an Advent swap on my C-R-A-F-T group from Jenny in New Zealand. The bag she made and it is gorgeous! Look at the cute pillow with the reindeer she made. Too Cute! Lots of patterns and things to do to and little choccie Santas that I ate each day.
The next pic is a quilt challenge I am working on for one of my guilds. It's theme is Mardi Gras on the Farm. I still have the partying chickens to put on. The barn is made from one of the two fabrics we have to use. The other is chickens which I am going to fuse on the background. They are going to hold the masks you wear for Mardi Gras! It is due in Feb so I need to do it post haste!


Tommelot said...

Karen, I love the farm quilt. It's beautiful and so cleverly made!


Raggedy Rambles said...

Happy New Year Karen! Hope you're feeling better by now. I like what you are doing with the farm quilt.

Sharon-NZ said...

clever girl that quilt looks like its gonna be fantastic, hope you are feeling better


Sew Prim Khris said...

Great haul there Karen.Terrific pics of the family. Hugs, Khris

Shashi Nayagam said...

Happy New Year to you too Karen and I hope you are feeling better now.