Friday, July 17, 2009

New Stuff I have made

This a a pin cushion I made for my new secret sister. She collects sunflowers. The petals are a batik and the cushion and leaf are wool felt. The little watering can it is in has a sunflower too!

This is a doll I made for a artsy doll swap. Lots of artsy about her hey!

This is a caterpillar made of felted balls and embellished with beads. This month's Pin Doll Alley swap.

I couldn't decide which type of caterpillar I wanted to make so I made a furry and non furry. This furry one was crocheted and has beads sewn on too.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Love your beautiful projects Karen. My favourite is the doll. She is so colourful.

kay susan said...

Love those caterpillars. Brilliant!

creativedawn said...

I just love your new beautiful doll! the caterpillars are cute!

creativedawn said...

Gosh....I am back again and I just really love that doll!

Sharon-NZ said...

They are all fabulous Karen, love the caterpillers though HUGS

Solstitches said...

Amazing work Karen. You are an expert at what you do.
The doll is gorgeous and the sunflower pincushion looks so real.
The thing I love the most though is the glorious mermaid in your blog header. She is a real beauty.


creativedawn said...

That doll is BEAUTIFUL! I just saw a larger pic of her....WOW! and her new "Mommie" sounds over the moon about her!!!!