Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures of my Christmas in July swap

This is all the wonderful things I got from my partner Pennie for the Christmas in July swap on one of my Yahoo groups. We had to give a present that began with each letter in 'CHRISTMAS'. Here is the list of letters and gifts for what Pennie gave to me.
C-Crocheted Cat
H-Handmade Tote (crocheted)
R-Really fun yarn and Ribbon
I-Isabella baby doll
S-Stuff ( pin backs, bows, bookmark and footprints pin, and lace)
T-Tiny elf boy
A-Angel pin doll
S-Self indulgence (bath products)

These next two are what I gave to Pennie.

C-Crochet yarn
H-Hair (doll wigs)
I-Iron on Applique patches and transfers
S-Sculpting needles
T-Tin of Trims
M-Mopsy the pincushion doll
S-Scrumptious fabric

Isn't it all wonderful! I love my online friends!!!

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