Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quilt and doll and family

Here is a quilt top I have finished using Asian fabrics. It was a gift and there was a jelly roll of strips and the pattern and some pieces of fabrics. Now I just have to quilt it!

It was my granddaughter Kassy's 12th birthday. I went to visit her and give her present.
From left to right: my grandson Calvin, my SIL Brian, my daughter Samantha and my new granddaughter Mallorie, my granddaughter Kassy, my daughter Stephanie.
Sam and Brian are married.

Here is my new doll I made from Barbara Willis' book Cloth Doll Artistry. It is a nice book!

The clothes are made from silks. Her body is doe suede, silks and batiks. Her hair is mohair. I love all the embellishing that Barbara's dolls have.


creativedawn said...

Whoohoooo!!! I hardly know what to cheer for first!!!'ve got a good looking family and it's great to be able to spend quality time with them! winks!!!

Your quilt is love the Asian prints!

W-O-W!!!! I love your dollie!!! she is G-A-A-A-A-W-J-U-S!!!!


wackywoman said...

I'm with Pam. Beautiful family, quilt and doll. You rock!

Melissa said...

Beautiful quilt and gorgeous family! And I really do not know how you turn those little fingers on your dolls. Love it!