Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hoffman Challenge doll

This is my doll for the Hoffman Challenge. She is called 'Asian Steampunk'. I had lots of fun doing the Victorian/gear thing. Her obi is a corset and the tie is instead geared wings. Her fan is geared too. She has her goggles and top hat but still has the Kimono look.

These are a closeup of her boots. The band has little watch gears on it


wackywoman said...

I can't even imagine doing anything like this Karen. So much talent.

ruthanne said...

I am saving parts for a stream-punk doll~but yours is fantastic! Guess I will keep saving.

creativedawn said...

Oh my! I AM definitely SLIPPING! Sorry to tune in here so late. Thanks for the closer look at your lovely steampunk creation!!! She is wonderful!


Brian said...
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