Saturday, December 31, 2011


Here are a few pictures of my family celebration. We had lots of fun. Christmas Eve spent and my hubby's parents with all his family there. Christmas Day we go to his parents and open a few gifts and we eat breakfast there. Then we go back to our house with just my daughters and their families and we open presents there. They go home and we take a short nap and then go back to hubby's parents for dinner.
1st- my hubby at his parents
 2nd- Mallorie

3rd- Kassy, Mallorie and Calvin at our house (grandkids)

 4th- Samantha and Stepanie (my daughters), Mallorie and Kassy
5th- Kassy and Brain (Samantha's hubby)

6th- Calvin, Chad (Stephanie's hubby), Stephanie, Kassy, Samantha, Mallorie at bottom and Brian just a bit in the picture


wackywoman said...

great pictures!

darmayoga said...

nice post ... i like the blog so much ... :-)