Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm okay and Work in progress

I went to the Pulmonary Doctor today to get the results of my CT scan from last week. The spot is the same......not cancer! What a big relief off mu mind that is! Maybe I will be able to de stress a little.

Just a picture of what I have done so far on Jabberwocky. Sewed all the pieces and now am stuffing them and working on the armature. Got to review my armature tutorial from Colleen Babcock.

Then I will put him together and do the needle sculpting and eyes and detailing with my oil pencils. I am so relieved to be working on him finally!


colleenbabcock said...

Karen, So glad that your test results were OK. That must be such a huge relief! Thanks so much for linking to my blog - ha a sweetie you are!

Sharon-NZ said...

Good job Karen, you are ahead of me with your jabberwocky, its looking good, love the fur its going to look great

hugs sharon-nz