Monday, September 3, 2007

Oh well, There is next year!

Here is a picture of the doll I sent in for the Hoffman Challenge. She wasn't selected this year and was sent back I wasn't really too happy with her face but had run out of time. She is sitting on a large flower. I used quite a few of the companion fabrics this time as I had gotten a sharm square pack of all the challenge fabrics. Each petal in her skirt is a different fabric on the underside which I turned slightly and tacked down with a leaf bead. Next year I will get an earlier start hopefully! I did get some fat quarters back as they were giving away fabric for the 20th anniversary. How many times you entered, won, traveled etc. I got four nice fat quarters and the pin.


AuntMoonie said...

Your Hoffman doll is beautiful!

You have been 'Name Tagged'. Just visit my blog 'Sew many dolls, Sew little time' to see what to do.

Ellen aka Auntmoonie

Anonymous said...

Well I dont know how they could not want her in the challenge. She is awesome...hugs

Katie said...

Love her! :)

Sharon-NZ said...

Well I think she is wonderful Karen, really beautiful..

hugs sharon - nz

Clothmatters said...

Karen- Your doll is absolutely beautiful. I certainly do not agree with the judges. Your doll is exceptional as is your talent. I am glad you were able to post her on your blog so the rest of the dollmaking world can see what a talented doll artist you are. Great job!